I am an American Patriot and am proud to have served my country in the U.S. Marine Corps for 23 years. Since retiring from the Marines I continue to serve my country by volunteering, writing and speaking to different groups of people. The country’s direction deeply concerns me and I hope we can learn from history how to not make the same mistakes that jeopardize our freedom and way of life. Nations who have been our friends for generations are pulling away from us, we’re falling behind on green technology developments, and fighting other country’s battles are putting us in deep debt. My blog, Silent Generation Speaks – Listen Up! touches on events that deeply affect our country. Solutions are attainable, we simply have to work together to protect our country and defend our democracy.


I have always been a storyteller and am excited to announce the release of my latest book! For people concerned about the state of the world today and enjoy reading action packed science fiction thrillers about war, politics and terrorism, The Warrior Among Us will have you thinking about the future like never before. Several ‘predictions’ are made in this work of fiction that you might just find intriguing.


Last year I released my memoir, Corps Vet: More Than a Secret Mission – A Lifelong Tour of Duty. This book treats readers to my early life, shuttling between the outskirts of Chicago and the coal mining towns of southern Illinois. I share how the triumphs and tragedies of my youth helped shape the man I am today. From the Midwest to the Marine Corps, I take the reader through my 23-year career as a Marine, and then on through the journey of second career, intense physical feats, and exciting world travels.


Please enjoy my website! Get to know me by listening to my Podcast, reading my Blogs, and discovering more about who I am in the Meet the Author page. Check out where I’ll be in the upcoming months, and stop by if you can! And discover more about my books by reading the sample chapters.


Semper Fi,