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Health Care

Today, Speaker Boehner spewed more misguided initiatives he has planned for the United States. He said the House was working on a tax cut bill, and efforts to repeal our new Health care system because it’s what the American people want. Speaker Boehner, that’s not true. You were only speaking for a smaller portion of our population. When one speaks for the American people one is expected to be speaking for the majority, because we are a democracy. The majority of Americans want the new system.


The American people have been asking Congress for a better health care system for decades. Speaker Boehner has been there for 19 of those years, yet he has not helped to craft a better system, nor does he give any indication of doing so now. He says we have the best healthcare system in the world. How wrong he is. We are the only wealthy industrialized country in the world without some form of universal health care. And ours is the most expensive in the world. Yes, members of Congress and other federal employees have excellent health care at a very favored cost. But here’s what most Americans receive.

  • 24% of all Americans have no health care
  • Most working Americans have an increasingly expensive system where the insurance companies tell them which doctor and which hospital they may use, not necessarily one(s) of their choice.
  • Employer costs have increased so much, many employers no longer offer health insurance, or they require employees to pay a percentage of the exorbitant costs.
  • Availability of service is based on the availability of the doctor (emergency is immediate, typical doctor’s appointment takes 3 weeks, surgery or seeing a specialist for Medicaid and low income citizens is 3 months).
  • Many hospitals have closed their emergency care facilities because they have been losing hundreds of millions of dollars providing free care to those uninsured, including illegal immigrants.
  • Our system has spawned Medicare fraud amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. South Florida, with its plethora of illegitimate clinics and claims is recognized as the Medicare fraud capital of the country.
  • Our system often requires prescriptions to be filled by expensive American pharmacies, when the same medications are available in Canada for far less.
  • Insurance companies have final decision on services, often denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • It is not uncommon for hospitals to release those seriously ill or injured, before their care is complete, because the patient’s insurance has run out.
  • Need for air evacuation from foreign countries back to the U.S. is at the patient’s expense


Many countries, such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and Switzerland all have a publicly funded system which is mostly free at the point of service. Speaker Boehner falsely criticized such systems when President Obama’s plan was being discussed in Congress.

I, personally, asked about 40 Canadian friends who live across Canada, coast-to-coast, what they thought of their system. None spoke of any faults with their system.

  •  All citizens are covered, period.
  • Funding is 70% public and 30% private.
  • Service is delivered by private “for profit and not for private” providers.
  • Doctors make all the decisions for care.
  • Availability of service is based on availability of doctor (emergency is immediate, diagnostic care is 2 weeks, seeing a specialist or having surgery is a little over 4 weeks)
  • Need for air evacuation from a foreign country back to Canada is covered


It is patently clear a comparison of the two systems shows a universal health care system to be far superior to our current system. When Speaker Boehner became Speaker of the House he said the President needs to work with us, meaning Congress. Wrong again Mr. Speaker. The President is our boss. In the case of health care, you need to work with the President to find ways to improve the new health care system rather than trying to trash it. Stop the stupid partisan politics.

Semper Fi,

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  • Barb Sanders:

    Thought it was a well done piece. YOUR SCI_FI SOUNDS LIKE FUN> I am a sci-fi fan. Especially liked Stranger in a Strange Land, by Heinlin (sp). Sorry about not getting your book, since my husband died, I havent read much and especially war stories, he was in the AF for 13 yrs, got out after 2nd tour of Nom, was a POW in Laos, we werent at war with Laos, so of course he wasnt, he was in the Phantom squad going behind the lines, picking folks, and dropping them off. Copter shot down on one trip. Some farmer/soldiers picked them up and keep them prisoner trying to move to China to get rid of them. They were rescued by a SAC group, who saw them from photos.
    The farmerw ran away, they got picked up. Take care. Barb

  • Janet:

    Well said Dick. During the health care debate it drove me nuts when people complained that they wouldn’t have freedom to choose their own physician under a government plan. I’ve NEVER had that freedom, and often had to change doctors if they didn’t participate in the plan provided by my employer. And the financial burden of providing health insurance is crippling, especially on small businesses. The new law does some to relieve that. I think the new law is far from perfect, but you are so right that politicians should work on improving it, instead of trying to tear it all apart.

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